About Us

Matlogix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading engineering and education providing company in India. We are the provider of end to end training and engineering solutions covering Embedded and its allied fields, Robotics and Matlab.

We provide Workshops, Trainings Certifications and projects to engineering and schools student all across the globe. The company provides different types of training programs like Summer Training, Winter Training and 2 months training in various verticals of IT. Our Training Programs is designed to help you gain a competitive advantage by providing real work experience.

The main focus of the company is always to provide quality education and training to the students so that they can fit themselves in the industry. The organization provides summer training on some of the most cutting edge technologies like MATLAB, Robotics, EMBEDDED SYSTEM, Microcontrollers, Ethical Hacking, ANDROID and many more.

We have a very strong placement cell that assists in placing the students in various corporate after the successful completion of the course. It also helps students to fill the gap between the theoretical and practical learning by providing them in depth knowledge of various topics.

Here we live to deliver excellence in everything, whether it’s our in-house product or an idea of our valuable customer. Our team has great deal of insight and expertise in domains ranging from a computer sitting on your desk, to a mobile device in your hand, or the complete management for your warehouse. We help our customers make their ideas and dreams, transform from paper and pen to real world solutions.